There are many things to do around the area. Most of these are in nearby Hochatown. Browse the list below and see if anything interests you. Only items with a star (☆) next to them are recommended, the rest are provided for information purposes and we have no knowledge of their quality. If you find one that is obsolete, please let us know via the contact form</a >.

Kayaking/Canoe/Tubing the river

Our personal favorite thing to do in the area is kayaking and tubing; you get to avoid the traffic in Hochatown and enjoy the river! What could be better?

If you're going to kayak or float the river and you didn't bring your own kayak/tube, you're going to need an outfitter; here are a few:

  • ☆ Ambush Adventures (kayaking/canoeing) - (580) 584-2273.
    The best thing about Ambush Adventures is that you never have to wait to be picked up when you're finished kayaking. After a few hours on the river, most people are tired; the location of AA is most convenient because, when you get out of your kayak or canoe, you just leave it there with an employee, head to your car, and then back to the cabin to rest.
  • River Rats Canoe and Kayak Rentals (kayaking/canoeing) - (580) 584-6225 -
  • Lucky Dog Resort (tubing) - (580) 584-2909
  • Skippa-Rock River Floats (tubing) - (580) 236-1583 -


Horseback Riding




  • Helicopter Tours SkyTours - 910-759-4444
  • B-Pop's Ride & Dive Boat Tours - 580-236-5158
  • Bobs Pontoon Boat Tours - 580-306-9376
  • Hochatown Adventures - Sunset Lake Tours - 580-465-4705
  • 3 Hour Boat Tour - 580-212-1002
  • Ladies on the Lake-214-435-4263
  • Broken Bow Lake Tiki Boat Tours - 580-494-8454